Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Laces Romance ~ 2 in 1 Top
Comes in 2 separate pieces ~ the inner is made of soft cotton & bottomed with nice laces whereas the outer is made of soft wool. The design & cutting are very unique and korean style in overall appearance. Simply match it with a pair of legging or wear it as a dress with a knee-length skirt at bottom. Besides that, the inner top can be a good match with your others favourite top as well. Worth to have it in your wardrobe! Grab it now!

Now at only RM45/pc

Code: JL010
Colour: As per picture
Details: Inner ~ Length 76cm, Chest 38 to 45cm (Stretchable)
Outer ~ Length 70cm, Chest 56cm
Status: All SOLD OUT

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