Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tips for Working Better with Makeup Artists

Makeup is an art in my opinion and the talent it takes to transform a man or woman into a masterpiece for a photoshoot is an amazing experience. Makeup artists, like photographers, have their own set of duties and talents needed to pull off the job. One of the best ways to have a great outcome is to know how to work effortlessly with a makeup artist. With these tips you’ll learn how to make their job a whole lot easier.

1. Wash and moisturize. If you are doing a modeling gig where a makeup artist will be present, you must first and foremost cleanse your face and moisturize it before heading to the shoot. Good makeup won’t set well on a dirty complexion.

2. Be still! It can be a bit unnerving to have someone that close to your face but if you can’t sit still then the makeup artist won’t be able to apply your makeup, at least not in a good way. In addition to being able to sit still, you’ll have to learn how to sit still for at least an hour. On most photoshoots makeup takes about an hour—maybe 30 minutes if the makeup artist is really good. But expect that part of the process to take a while.

3. Know where to focus your eyes. When it comes to putting on mascara and eye liner, it is important to know where to focus your eyes. Don’t stare at the makeup artist the entire time—it’s annoying and a tad bit unnerving for the makeup artist. Find a spot on a wall or an object in the room and look past the makeup artist and focus on that. When eye liner is being applied to the lower lash line be sure to look up and not down. In case of a slip up the liner won’t poke you right in the iris. On a related note, when the makeup artist is putting on mascara, move your eyes accordingly. For example, if the mascara is being applied on the right side of your top lashes, move your iris over to the left and vice versa. Look up for mascara being applied to the lower lash line.

4. Be careful with your eye makeup. After the makeup artist has applied your eye shadow and finishes off with mascara don't open your eyes too much right away. Doing so will result in the tip of your lashes coming into contact with the top of your eyelids, leaving annoying dots of mascara on them, which will need to be removed. Open your eyes halfway and wait a minute or two for the mascara to set and then you can open your eyes normally. When getting false lashes applied it can take some getting used to since many false lashes tend to be heavy. Open your eyes slowly and follow the same instructions I just mentioned. It is normal for your eyes to get watery after getting fake lashes put on. Just make sure it doesn't ruin your liner or cause streaking. Blink slowly a few times and you'll eventually get used to the weight and feel of fake lashes.

5. Listen to instructions. Most makeup artists will tell you what to do so be sure to listen to them. If you’re new to having makeup applied, don’t be scared to ask them if you’re doing things right. Some makeup artists assume you know what to do and may not give you much in the way of instruction. If you’re in this situation, let them know that you’re new to the process and don’t mind if they tell you what to do.

6. Make yourself accessible. Sitting in a makeup chair sometimes causes you to lean back too far or get too comfortable, putting you out of reach of the makeup artist. Remember, the makeup artist has to lean in and work on your face while standing (usually), which can be difficult if you aren’t positioned right. Scoot up to the edge of the seat as far as you can without falling off and extend your neck and face forward so that it is easier for the makeup artist to work on. Also learn when to turn to face them directly instead of making them cross over to work on both sides of your face.

7. Relax! When your face is relaxed the skin is much easier to work with and allows the makeup to go on smoother. If you furrow your brow too much, blink a lot, or do other movements that cause wrinkles in your skin, the makeup won’t go on uniformly. Do your best not to twitch or fidget when getting the makeup applied. Avoid squinting as well.

8. Make friends. Getting to know your makeup artist is part of the fun. Don’t feel like you have to stand still and quiet as a statue. Many makeup artists love to gab and will ask you about yourself so feel free to do the same. Of course talk when the moment is right—you shouldn’t be talking while they are putting on your lipstick.

9. Not all makeup artists do hair. There are a good number of makeup artists that also double as hair stylists but not all of them do. Be on the safe side and don't assume that the makeup artist you're working with will be able to give you an amazing hairstyle. Some makeup artists have told me they don't have a clue about how to do hair. Unless the client states that a hair stylist will be present at the shoot, play it safe and do your own hair. Bring any brushes or styling tools you may need to freshen up your look.

10. Don’t mess with your face. Getting your makeup done for a shoot isn’t about what you want or what looks good and what doesn’t. It is up to the client, the art director, photographer—whoever is in charge. Modeling is about transforming into someone other than yourself so expect to see something out of the ordinary. Don’t pout and be upset that you don’t like your makeup—it is a huge insult to the makeup artist. They are simply doing their job so let them do it. Don’t tell the makeup artist how to do his/her job. Appreciate the fact that they are taking the time out to make you look good.

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