Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Clothes for the Party's so Funny

fashion outfits girls

The young girl had been invited to the event which requires a party invitation with a model wearing the funny.

Dress up a Move for Teenage Girls

dress up girls

A sweet girl who went into their teens model clothes and ornaments are designed to fit with his age, was a sweet, shy and pampered with new clothes.

Look Stylish with Fluffy Jacket

fashion models

A girl demonstrating model jacket with fur on the collar ornament is suitable for your use in the winter. Large buttons to add action as the accessories.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Answering a Reader Question #56

Spacegirl Wrote: Hey is there such a thing as being to tall to model VS? I am 186cm which is just over 6' and i am the measurements required, i also have longer legs than torso which i think is what they look for? The issues for me are that I am from New Zealand, and in no way afford to go to New York for a casting with an agency. I am also 22, and is this too old to begin modelling? I wasnt really into it untill recently being spotted by an australiasian fashion label, but I have no work but a few runways under my belt.

What are the chances for a girl like me?

Hello, Spacegirl and thanks for the questions! Because you've got a couple of questions in one, I will break them down one by one and do a Q&A format so that it's easier to answer and easier for you to read. So here we go!

Q: Hey is there such a thing as being to tall to model VS?
A: Think about it this way: VS models are recruited only if they are signed with a modeling agency so that means you first and foremost have to be a signed model. And the agency has to be a top fashion agency like Ford, Elite, DNA, etc. In order to be signed to these agencies you have to fit their height requirement, and the tallest you can be is 6'0"...however, some female models that are 6'1" were able to be signed and get away with being one inch taller but it's not a common practice. Nonetheless, you should still pursue it and see what happens but just be prepared for your height to work against you.

Q: I am 186cm which is just over 6' and i am the measurements required, i also have longer legs than torso which i think is what they look for?
A: Long legs are definitely a plus for VS and modeling work in general.

Q: The issues for me are that I am from New Zealand, and in no way afford to go to New York for a casting with an agency.

A: If you were able to get signed with a top agency in New Zealand, you can ask if they can submit you for representation overseas in the New York market. Many fashion models have agencies in different countries so it would be up to your agency in New Zealand to find you a good agency in New York so that you can work in that market.

Q: I am also 22, and is this too old to begin modelling?
A: In general, 22 is considered "old" but as long as you look youthful, that will work in your favor. Lingerie models have to be 18 at the youngest anyway, so at least you meet the age requirements for that.

Q: I wasnt really into it untill recently being spotted by an australiasian fashion label, but I have no work but a few runways under my belt.
A: You don't have to be super experienced to be considered and the fact that you do have a few runway shows under your belt is definitely a good thing. As long as you've got a good runway walk, you'll be ahead of the pack.

Q: What are the chances for a girl like me?
A: First off, just know that your height will likely be the main factor that could bring your chances down. But your first step is to find a legit and reputable New Zealand modeling agency and try to get signed. If you can manage to find an agency that will overlook your height, then that's half the battle already taken care of. Next, you'll want to start getting work and building your portfolio. Then you can have your agent try to submit your photos to agencies in the New York market to see if they like your look and will offer you representation there. That will allow you to work in NY and other places and hopefully you will be submitted to VS to see if you would work out. Be sure to tell your agent that you want to be a VS model so that they can see if you would indeed be a good fit and start the ball rolling.

Good luck!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FORD Models Needs Male Fit Models (Caucasian & Asian)

Ford Models is looking for more fit models in the San Francisco/Bay Area so if any of you male models (new or experienced) meet the requirements, you should submit yourself for this casting. The post is legit and that is the real number for Ford in San Francisco (don't bother telling them that you read the post on my blog or mention my name--I am no longer with Ford so I don't have any ties or "hook ups" with the agency lol):

We are currently searching for male fit models (18-45 yrs. old). If you fit the following measurements, please contact us to set up an appointment to be measured. Please note that you MUST be within 1/4" of ALL the requirement to qualify; you must be able to maintain your size.

Here are the measurement specifications:


Chest: 40"
Height: 6'0"


Chest: 37"
Height: 6'0"


Chest: 40"
Height: 5'10"

ONLY apply if you fit these requirements.

Thank you,

(415) 777-9099

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Reasoning Behind My Poll

For my avid "Modeling 101" readers out there, you've probably noticed my new poll, asking where you are reading my blog from. Before you get creeped out, let me put aside any fears that I'm going to be showing up on your doorstep in the middle of the night. Lol.

For some time now I've been blogging, sharing my insights, resources and advice about how to get into the modeling industry. You, my beloved readers, have more than likely learned a lot about me and I want to know more about you! I was thinking along the lines of a "meet and greet" type situation where we could all sit down and I can answer your questions in person and in turn you can get to know me face-to-face.

I decided, well, if I ever plan on making such an event happen it would be helpful to know where the majority of my readers are located. If, during my travels, I happen to be near a "hub" of Modeling 101 readers, I could then post my travel plans on here and maybe arrange for a place where the meet and greet would happen. Is where I'm going with this idea starting to make more sense now? =)

So that being said, if I want to make that vision a reality I figured what better way to ask then to post a poll on my blog? Of course I couldn't list all 50 states on there (sorry my international readers, for now I have to limit such visits to the USA, but in due time, rest assured perhaps one day I'll make it to your country!) so I decided to name some general regions. Now, I'm not asking for anyone's residential address, if you want to email me your location then city and state will do--or you can simply tell me what large city you are close to. I totally understand anyone's qualms about saying where they are from, which is why I did a poll. That way you can remain anonymous. At this point I have no plans to charge a "fee" of any kind.

Nothing is set in stone right now...this is just an idea that I'm running with and if any of you are serious enough about it, I have no doubt that we can take this idea to the next level when the right time comes. For the meet and greet I was thinking someplace simple like a cafe, outdoors (maybe a nice park area in the daytime?) or even a hotel lobby--definitely a public place. For those that are underage I would encourage you bring a parent or guardian with you (your friends are welcome to come of course!). I am all about meeting the parents and letting them know who their son/daughter is dealing with. In fact, for those having trouble getting support from their parents, meeting me may be an added way to show them an insider's view of the industry that could persuade them. Will it guarantee they'll let you model? I have no idea but it couldn't hurt!

So let's see what the polls say and maybe by the end of 2009 some of you will have the chance to get to know me face-to-face and I can get to meet you wonderful Modeling 101 readers--without whom this blog would cease to exist. You give me purpose and I want to make sure I can help you in any way I can to reach your goals--even if that means coming to you!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Now at only RM58/pc! (excluded of necklace)

Code: SP020
Colour: Beige, Pink, Blue
Details: Inner~Length 60cm Outer~ Length 84cm, Chest 38cm, Waist 36 to 42cm (stretchable)
Status: 2-Beige & 1-Pink Available, 1-Blue SOLD OUT

Knitted Vest
Now at only RM39/pc!
Lavender (dress) SP018 @ RM55/pc!
Code: SP019
Colour: Beige, Blue
Details: Length 36cm, Shoulder 32cm
Status: Available

Now at only RM55/pc! (excluded of scarf & necklace)
Scarf @ RM22/pc!
Code: SP018
Colour: As per picture
Details: Length 82cm, Chest 40cm, Waist 30cm
Status: Available

My Pretty Jacket
Now at only RM46/pc!

Code: SP017
Colour: Black, Grey
Material: Chiffon & Soft Jeans
Details: Length 53cm, Shoulder 32cm, Chest 42cm
Status: 2-Black Available, 2-Black & 2-Grey SOLD OUT

Now at only RM55/pc! (with inner lining)
Code: SP016
Colour: White, Black
Details: Size (S) ~ Length 82cm, Waist 34cm, Chest 40cm
Size (M) ~ Length 84cm, Waist 38cm, Chest 42cm
Status: Black (S) & (M) Available, White Sold Out

Sweet Honey
Two-piece dress... Nice!
Now at only RM52/pc!
Code: SP015
Colour: Beige, Blue, Grey
Details: Inner~ Length 85cm Outer~ Length 75cm, Chest 40cm
Status: 2-Beige, 1-Blue, 1-Grey Available, 2-Beige SOLD OUT

Two-piece Dress or Top
Now at only RM50/pc!
Code: SP014
Colour: As per picture
Details: Inner~ Length 77cm Outer~Length 68cm, Chest 40cm
Status: 1-pc Available, 2-pc SOLD OUT

Now at only RM55/pc!
Code: SP013
Colour: Light Grey, Blue
Details: Free Size, Length 85cm
Status: Available

Now at only RM45/pc!
Code: SP012
Colour: As per picture
Details: Inner~Length 59cm, Chest 34cm Outer~Length 72cm, Chest 36cm
Status: All SOLD OUT