Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Quick Look at Actual Modeling & Talent Agency Contracts

I've talked a lot about modeling contracts and I know that this almighty document is one that many of you aspiring models may be wondering about. Lucky for you, I was able to find some actual contracts that you can read. I will state, however, that each agency has its own modeling contract drawn up and not all of them contain the same things. The only way you can get a real modeling contract in your hands is to either work at an agency or be a model who is about to sign one. Other than that, the majority of agencies keep their contracts confidential, and with good reason--not only do they want to keep the terms of their working relationship with their models safe, they also don't want the competition to see it. Lots of legal stuff involved there.

I have a copy of a modeling contract, which is a SAMPLE--that means it isn't a contract from an existing agency--it's more so a template of what a typical contract will look like and a great way for you to get familiar with just what agencies expect of you. I have also included a contract from a talent agency, which is an actual contract from an existing agency--Cast Images, which is a talent agency in Northern California. Remember, talent agencies represent both models and actors and if you are interested in both, I highly recommended finding representation through a TALENT agency and not having an agent for each type of field. It's much more convenient and you'll only have to pay commission to one agency, not two.

The original link to this modeling agency contract can be found HERE:


The original talent agency contract can be found HERE:



Depending on the agency, some contracts can be as short as 1 page, while others can be many pages (my Ford contract was more than 10 pages!). When it's your turn to hold an actual contract in your hands, be sure to go over every single page and fully understand the content. Don't be afraid to ask questions, either. Make sure you know what you're signing! Just because you've looked at these contracts in this blog post, that doesn't necessarily mean you'll know exactly what the contract you'll be offered will contain.

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