Thursday, January 29, 2009

Answering a Reader Question #35

Anonymous Wrote:

Hi I have a question I have a scar on my back due to surgery when I was an infant how to I deal with that when entering into modeling and sending pictures. also is the scar a major set back that could cause me to not get representation as a commercial print model?

Hello, and thanks for your question! Scars can be a hindrance on a modeling career but I find that it mainly depends on what type of modeling you want to do. Obviously if you wanted to be a swimsuit or lingerie model, having such scars would more than likely decrease your chances of getting work. However, you said that you are interested in getting agency representation as a commercial/print model. That changes things. While scars of any kind are generally not desired by a modeling agency, if it is something that can easily be hidden by clothing, then it should not pose a problem. Because it is on your back, I highly doubt that alone would set you back in your attempt to find a modeling agency, especially if you have a great look. So that being said, continue your agency search but be truthful when asked if you have any blemishes or scars. The agency will take a look at it and because each agency is different, some may not see it as a problem (since you wouldn't be exposing your back in the majority of the work they would book you), while others may see it as a bad thing.

When it comes to submitting your pictures, they almost always only ask for a frontal full body shot and profile shots, not back shots so I don't think you'll have to worry about your scar in that sense.

But all in all, I would say that for commercial/print purposes, having a scar on your back won't set you back awfully as it would if you had one on, say, your face, neck, chest, or another more visible part of your body.

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