Sunday, September 5, 2010

oh girl, i'm just a jeepster for your love.

Hair. How do you wear yours? We always want what we can't have, whether that be that gorgeous beach blonde and curly, the mysterious redhead with thick luscious locks, or the brunnette pixi cut? I've never had my hair as long as i have it today, it grows at an alarming slow - snail pace rate, where as usually i keep in it a shoulder length bob, i kind of let it do it's own thang, growing both my hair and my fringe out.

Now that it's got to a desired longer length, i've come to realise that it hangs heavier, hanging straight, rather than a deserted bird's next. For as long as i can remember i've been a slave to the straighteners, well i'm officially hanging those up (apart from serious cases of bad hair days and time i actually want the sleek look), i'm just gunna go with my natural locks.

Photo 565
Photo 564

I never even realised my hair had the potential to look so full of life! When you get so used to a certain routine, relying on the art of straightening, you forget what your own natural hair looks like au natural. My hair has never looked so thick, literally just letting it air dry.

Then for a twist i use my Babyliss Conical Wand, when i'm not lying - every woman/girl should own. They are twenty squid, easy to use, curls is under 5 mins then tadah..

Photo 571

Photo 577

Photo 578

curly vs the straight

Are you a slave to the straightener? 

I also cannot to splurge my student loan on some great hair care, any recommendations?

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