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Fashion's Night Out 8/09/2010

Fashion's Night Out took place on Wednesday night right in the heart of the city, myself and three friends went to celebrate the art that is: fashion, compiled with endless champagne, Gucci printed chocolates and a whole lot of swooning and ahhing at many beautiful designer pieces.

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My freinds and i set off up to London early as i had to pick up a goody bag from my recent internship Stylist magazine - lots and lots of beauty bits! Swoon. After that we grabbed some dinner in Holborn and set off for Mount St. where Mr Marc Jacobs and Christain Louboutin are housed. This part of London is simply lovely, the endless rows of cute apartments and little parks are so perfect (and expensive!) Whilst waiting for the actual event to begin we took some snaps!


me wearing:

blazer - Zara
tee - Topshop
skirt - Topshop
necklace - Go Go Phillips
bag - Mulberry


the lovely Elizabeth.


the lovely Daniella.


the lovely Sarah.

We then made our way back to Marc by Marc Jacobs where it was all starting off. This shop is the biggest fashion secret in the heart of London, in fact i don't even particularly want to let you in on it ;) , but i guess one must! Marc's shop houses two lines, both his high-end spin off line Marc by Marc Jacobs which is moar hip and young (as opposed to the original Marc Jacobs) this store also houses an uber cheap line which is affordable to everyone. It sells t-shirts, tote bags, mirrors, pens, necklaces all at dirt cheap prices. There i said it, just our little secret!


inside the Marc Store.


The first 100 customers who bought an item also received a free t-shirt, so clearly this had to happen - see below. The whole event coincided with the release of Marc's new aftershave for men called BANG. What was also bloody amazing is that they had also set up in store a platform where customers could pose with the original advertising poster and create their own poses with the bottle! Then they kindly printed them out for us to keep!



After having a good pose and working the camera (hah) we popped along next door to Christian Louboutin where a Mad Hatters Tea Party was taking place with Nars Cosmetics. We drank tea and champers, had a mini dance, swooned over many pairs of disgusting gorgeous heels and saw others being matched their perfect Louboutin red lippie by the Nar's ladies.



look at that yummy masterpiece!




We then made our way to Bond Street, where the majority of events were taking place, we visited most shops for a quick peer around and drinks, filling in competitions in Alexander McQueen, watching some people murder the karaoke in Mulberry, saw Alice Delal pondering about for a lighter.



the weird and wonderful Louis Vuitton store.


Pixie Lott in Juicy Couture, i got an e-vite to this guest list party but it looked pretty crowed and i'm not that keen on Pixie..


Alexander McQueen


Real life model in window


Stella McCartney


Gwyneth Paltrow being ushered in to Stella's, she was bloody beautiful!

We then made our way to Matthew Williamson's store where he was hosting a party inspired by a Moroccan Souk! He was also joined by that Jameel lady, but she swanned off pretty quickly!



myself and Matthew.


sipping a mojito whilst having a browse.




We then made our way to Prada, where we watched their latest A/W 10 show on a large screens while drinking Pimms and eating fish and chips, yes mini fish and chips. So yum! Prada fish and chips, yes please!

Eddie and Sarah.




probably the best fish and chips, ever.

Then for a final drink we want to Dolce and Gabbana, where they made the ultimate Vogue martini.


Then it was time for bed! It was a great night to celebrate fashion, although it still wasn't as busy as we expected, more champers for us!


Here are a few little bags i came home with..


my free MJ tee - pwoar he has a banging body (see what i did there ;)?)

I would love to say i bought some cute pumps or kitten heels from Christain Louboutin but i'm equally excited to say they were giving out goody bags! Decent ones at that! It included:


Cowshed shampoo


TIGI blow dry balm


Nars nail varnish in Louboutin red!


I also purchased another cotton tote from MJ, they are practically a steal at £19!


I hope you enjoyed this ever lasting post, next year i'll be doing the NY Fashion's Night Out ;)
did you go?

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