Monday, August 9, 2010

The Lust List - 9th August 2010

So yes, this mornings outfit post was an epic fail, queue the bird-nest hair and i've decided i hate everything i own. Yet however it is a Monday.

so expensive, but how freeking cute are those fur pom poms?

my poor mother and a friend of mine, are bombarded every year with the umming and ahhhing over Topshop winter boots.. this year i will finally stop faffing around and buy a bloody pair.

i don't know if i've just picked this because i've spent the last two weeks in an office, thoughts?

i nearly peed myself at Christmas over these brush sets, until they sold out. a) they are far too cute b) they are a lot cheaper than buying them separately - i'm not going to discriminate over size! c) i think i've already sold them to myself.

well if i'm going to buy the face brushes, i might as well buy the eye brush set. ;)

have you ever bought the gift-sets of Mac brushes, thoughts please?

My week at Stylist flew by so quickly, a good sign! I have the weekend off, so i plan to divulge in some H&M shopping and blogging. Be there!

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