Friday, July 2, 2010

What's your Beauty Style?

I was tagged by the lovely Charlotte at Lipglossiping to do a tag based on 'What's your Beauty Style? Charlotte's blog Lipglossiping is one of my all time favourite blogs, not just because she has the cutest daughter, some damn gooden' reviews or because she has some fast one-liners that have me giggling like nobodies business - but because of all the hard work she puts in. Seriously, Lipglossiping is one of my favourite reads, even if she does break my bank balance, every day there's a new post to feast my beauty cravings! But enough of my ramblings - just check her out here or on her twitter (beware her tweets can make you rather hungry).

1. What is your beauty style? (Natural, trendy, etc.)
My beauty style would be very natural and polished (hopefully). I believe quite strongly in creating the perfect base to my make-up, so i usually spend most of my time trailing new foundations, concealers ect but thankfully at the moment i'm at a happy medium. Unlike most beauty bloggers i haven't really fazed into to eyeshadow, it just doesn't interest me, but long, thick lashes are my vice. They make up for my lack of eyebrows - heh.

2. Where do you get your beauty inspiration from?
I either get my inspiration from other beauty blogs, if there's an amazing product thats being raved about then i'll check it out. I have always used high-end products, i just never experimented fully until i started reading beauty blogs. Another source of inspiration would be the Glamour magazine beauty spreads, the luscious long thick hair, perfected brows and long lashes have me swooning like no tomorrow. One of my favourite make-up artists, Lisa Elderidge completes most looks for Glamour so no wonder why i'm a massive fan out her YouTube channel.

Lisa Elderidge for Glamour.

3. What beauty products do you have the most of?
Foundation and Mascara's. Foundation because of the sheer amount of trial and tribulations to find the correct one, and mascaras because although i have an expressed true love of Doir Show Black-out Mascara; i will find a cheaper alternative. Yet this is proving unlikely and expensive, so i may as well buy another bloody tube!

This is after i chucked a load of mascaras- is there even such a thing as a mascara hoarder?

4. What’s you favourite/holy grail colour for:


Funny you should say that, i have been pondering over peach shadows for a while and then i came across this little Lancome number in the Allders (department store in Croydon) for a good price of £11.50 (reduced from £23.00). Peaches and light beiges instantly warm up my complexion and compliment my eye colour, so i'm actually pretty fucking excited i found this!


Light pinks/ Creamy nudes - currently loving Revlon in Peach Petal.


Peaches or baby pinks - currently loving my Laura Mercier cream blush in Orelander.


Currently lilac, but i love a good nude, coral or red.

5. Three favourite brands of the moment:
It is important to know that my collection is quite small, but i do like trying new products and brands, so i thought i would answer the question as brand's i want to explore - currently pondering over:

Nar's - I'm dying to get my hands on any of the sets, so i can trial some of their most iconic products.

Illamasqua - I need their cream/powder blushes in my life.

Mac - Although i have few item's already, i'm soon becoming an avid collector of the different seasonal collections, but i cannot wait to try out more blushes and beauty powders.

I tag:

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