Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not another bloody Clinique post!

Clinique have recently been on a PR mission for their Three Step Routine, which i think is fantastic because i personally love this range. I have used this well over a year and half now, and i can say it has played a part to my skin becoming more clearer and cleaner.

I bang on about this range all the time, i can understand that shelling out for three high-end products is pretty expensive, but Clinique are offering a limited amount of people to try a sample kit.
Simply go to this link, scroll down and sign up:

There are only a selected amount being given away, but it's worth a try! If not you could always purchase a try me kit for £10. I wish other brands would offer sample sizes, i would most definitely be more open to trying newer brands, especially if they were high-end. I don't mind buying a slightly more expensive product, if i know that it actually works.

Let me know if your successful and i hope this helps, currently myself, my mother and brother have all signed up for one.. ;)

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