Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm a dancing machine

Over the last month i have purchased some new bits and pieces - mainly beauty. Partly because i'm over buying summer clothes - roll on A/W.

romper at Joy (£24.50)

this is so ditzy and cute.
perfect for summer days, in the city.

printed wrap chiffon skirt - Topshop (at a pricey £35.00)

i adore the print, you can see it more vividly the promo pic.
as i soon as i saw this in the flagship branch, i whipped it up and i'm so glad i did.
this can be worn up, down, day, night.

ballet pumps - New Look (£8.00)

these are the softest ballet pumps, like the Topshop ones i live in.
..but literally half the price.
i may go back for moar.

City Block Sheer - Clinique: this is a repurchase, this is the best primer around.

Tinted Moisturiser - Nivea: this is my new summer product, its lightweight and gives me a very minimal matte finish - need a tanned body though ;)

Clinique Radiance samples - i was given these after purchasing my City Block and a cleanser (not shown), these are so good but not for that price tag, ouch.

Sanctuary Night Cream - after my ban on buying beauty products, as you can see i went slightly over board. i'm not even sure why i bought this, but when in Rome (Boots).

When i was at Loaded, various women's magazines had a sale of their unused products, with everything selling for a £1! I was there like a shot, naturally. And, of course so were another hundred women frantically raiding tables. I managed to score this Laura Mercier lipstick in Nude (worth £18.00) and these Redken hair products: heat protector, straightening balm, voluming mouse and spray - ALL for £5! crazy.

I also purchased this Barry M lipstick in coral - its such a beautiful shade.

Nail varnish in Peach by American Apparel - (£6.00)

this shade is so refreshing and instantly puts a smile on my face.
i wasn't to sure how these would apply, but they have such a strong colour after one application, my friend also bought other shades so i'll see how they go, but i'll definitely buying some more of these!

Key Necklace - GoGo Phillips (at Topshop £9.00)

I saw Holly's blog and was instantly drawn to this jewelery range after she posted her buys, i had to refrain from buying more, but i totally adore this necklace. If you want to know more about this range, see the lovely Holly's blog at Yummy Mummy Beauty Blog.

Have you tried any of these products?

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