Thursday, June 10, 2010

City Girl's IN's

I love embellished/large/over the top head bands. I'm evoking my inner Blair Wardorf, and i kinda like it.

You know what's bad? Finding a Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag tucked away that you forgot about. Sicking, should i have published that? (Sorry Marc if you ever read this) I slogged my guts out at my part time job over a summer, two years back to buy this bag. I love the gold details and the cream leather, this is my summer bag - i definitely won't be forgetting this treasure any time soon.

My new found love - H&M Nautical Blazer - £24.99

My next new found love - Topshop Studded Sandals £25.00
i swear to god, i will wear these come rain or shine if i have too.

I have been waiting all week by my letterbox for the latest issue of Glamour. I heart Glamour, i have subscribed for what feels like a million years - i have the old copies piled high to prove it! It's such a cliche love, but it is the one magazine that i read cover to cover, its happy, girly, romantic and preppy. We all know i'm a little bit odd when it comes to the magazine world but its pretty amazing, that month after month i still make time to read this cover to cover.

Enough ramble! £2 a copy, free Benefit goodie worth £14-£17, you do the math. Buy it NOW!
I frankly don't care if the girl in my corner shop gave me a weird look, when i bought two copies (i had one delivered), i'm going back for the rest of the stock tomorrow. Because, you know, some one else will be working her shift..

Did you buy all three? You know you need 'em!

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