Thursday, June 3, 2010

all things beautiful!

So last month was the month of beauty indulgence, here are a few of the bits and pieces that i picked up. I've always been a beauty addict, not overly so on cosmetics but most definitely beauty products. I prefer to invest in complexion products such as concealers, foundations, blushers rather than eyeshadows or lipsticks, but my collection is steadily growing - eek! Anyway! Enough ramble, more beauty bits!

St Moriz Tanning Foam - (around £2.99)

This summer i decided i could not be faffed with fake tanning, sick of smelling like a rich tea biscuit and looking streaked orange isn't my idea of fun. Yet with all the hype surrounding this unknown brand St.Moriz, boasting to be the cheap as chips version of St. Tropez, i decided to give it a go. I ordered my bottle on Amazon, as this brand hasn't hit the shelves as of yet, an iconic underground beauty product if there was ever such a thing. Since its arrival on my door step, i've been hooked. No lie. I have actually been tanning every other night without succumbing to laziness.

You know why? This stuff is bloody fabulous. I applied the mousse with a tanning knit (separate purchase) smoothed on the light weight olive mousse. Olive being the main word, not only is it the easiest application, you can instantly see where the mouse has applied and the result is OLIVE, not orange, olive! I do not think i have been such a colour since i spent a fortnight in Cuba. The colour grows over an hour of application, feeling tanner by the minute. I find the smell resembles soap, faintly getting a whiff of the Dove sent, but i think that may just be my ickle nose! If your a lazy tanner like me, then this product is a must, its easy, acts fast and it's dirt cheap - what's not to love? I do find the tanner washes off in my next shower, but this tones down the impact looking more slightly natural so no qualms from me. Infact a friend of mine literally bought five bottles of the stuff as she loves it so much - thats tan dedication right thur!

Chanel Soleil de Chanel/ Bronze Universal - (£28.00)

This bronzer is cream bronzing base and it's beautiful. After finally deciding that my Nar's Laguna, when applied heavily is quite powdery, i was set on buying a cream bronzer. With summer here at last, i want dewy, fresh looking skin, not caked on heavy make up. I don't do full faces, infact it baffles my mum why i spent alot of money on make-up when you can't even see it. But thats the whole point, i like to create a perfect base - you do after suffering with oily skin and breakouts! After hearing rave reviews on the Chanel Bronze Universal i was instantly intrigued. With not a hint of glitter or shimmer in sight, and promising not to be a muddy brown, i was drawn to purchase. Yet at £28, it don't come cheap. On the other hand, i read endless reviews of this baby lasting up to three years! Then ping! an email from Debehnams offing 10% off all sun products, i purchased.

Before it was delivered, i hadn't actually swatched it - risky business. It could be too dark or hard to apply, how wrong i was! The colour is perfect for my skin tone, fair; I'm a NW20 in Mac lingo. It creates the perfect hint of tan without being noticeable and overly done. It's light formulation and only needs the slightest fingertip of product to be applied. After putting on my foundation, i use my fingers to blend out the Bronze Universal to create a natural look. Taking it down my neck and even on my chest. I have used this religiously for two weeks now, and i haven't even seemed to dent the amount!


My lovely mother also bought me this adorable Chanel compact mirror, because a lady can never have enough Chanel. And it comes with the cutest dust bag/pouch!

Chanel Compact Mirror - £22.00 - practically a steal in Chanel terms!

I'm off on a day trip tomorrow to visit the Grace Kelly exhibition at the V&A, then a spot of retail therapy in Knightsbridge. Gotta check out the new Topshop and the H&M there is like no other. Finally finished university, very very pleased with my results, all the hard work and no play paid off. I also picked up my magazine from the printers, so i'll def scan in so you can have a peak.

Lastly, did you go see SATC? I'm not going to lie, i was a bit disappointed that a) the plot-line had completely lost it's sparkle like left over champagne and b) i wasn't invited to Anthony and Stanfords wedding!

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