Friday, May 21, 2010

The Times Fashion DEPT.

Here's a little post about my time spent interning at The Times, although it did happen a fair few weeks ago - i have literally only just had a free afternoon today. So if you weren't aware already, i managed to secure a weeks placement at The Times Fashion Department - and although this was a one hell of an opportunity, i was scared silly the night before. You just don't have any idea what the office will be like, are they Devil Wears Prada or just laid back office Kelly Cultrone style (aka The City)? If so, will they be dressed to the nines, in this seasons clothes, should i wear my Sunday best or keep it cool? Will they send me out for Starbuck's soy latte with a touch of cinnamon and a dash of espresso, or will they be a really down to earth and friendly, and actually remember my name?

Truth was, the four ladies at the Times were lovely - in-fact they were the friendliest people i've ever worked for. In the office, its pretty small with section signed off for the fashion department. Behind their desks, there is the biggest bookshelf i have ever seen filled with the latest season lookbooks, from Topshop to Lavin. Then the fashion department leads off the Closet. The Closet. I want to live in it. It's filled with all kinds of wonders and treasures. I was situated in the Closet (i will give it a capital C because i think it deserves it) with my own little desk and telephone, surrounded by a sea of shoes, make up and clothes. Throughout the day there were various deliveries to the office, which most of the time were the latest skincare and make-up, swoon.

A few parcels - i never had the guts to look in that Chanel bag.

My little desk.

The Closet - here were handpicked items ready to be taken away for a shoot in India the following week.

So this is my outfit of the day for Monday. And that's how long the Outfit photos of the day lasted.

A gorgeous pair of D&G Coral heels i a had to return.

So these sneaky little photos were taken on my iphone on my lunch break.

What did i get up to?

The job of an intern varies from magazine to magazine and also depending on how long you stay with that company. At Hair i was given more variety of jobs than at the Times, but still i was only there a week, and to teach a new intern new tricks every week is long process for them. I've found that interning is a complicated thing, if you are shy this is no place for you. Intuitive and confidence will help you succeed, thinking on your feet but with your head will score you brownie points.

One particular day, all the ladies were off out of the office at a shoot. I had been slowly working my way through a rail of returns; the PR companies send in various items to be used on shoot or sample, then they have to be sent back. This may seem easy, but with large eight to ten parcels a day being delivered a day, all the invoices have to kept and filed away. These documents are highly important as they detail what exactly has been sent in and by who, as i may be returning a pair of Prada heels to Selfridges rather than Prada's Head Office. Whether these invoices are filed away properly is another matter, very long process.

So any way, whilst packing way a range of Paul Smith suits used for a Freddie Flintoff shoot the previous week, a woman called from a PR agency demanding a very expensive necklace back. Crunch time, i had no idea what she was talking about and she sounded angry, angry at me, on my first day. After searching for it myself and a lot of phone calls back and forth, i finally sorted it by myself. Phew. I spent most of my time returning items, doesn't sound that interesting, but i actually enjoy organising and feeling like im actively achieving something. My skills learnt in retail helped majorly, i can fold men's shirts and trousers like a pro!

Another key moment from the week, was a pair of expensive leggings that had be sent back from a PR company, who demanded that they be dry-cleaned or paid for. After i and the other ladies, all peered around it was clear to see why. Some one had heavily spoiled (ew!) the leggings, very expensive pair of leggings. The confusing point was that the leggings hadn't been used on a shoot for a model to ruin and the only four women in the office wouldn't of touched them, so who spoiled them? My guess answer: a cheeky lady at the PR company who had secretly worn them, spoiled them and shifted the blame on the Times. Shame they weren't Prada leggings..

This week was definitely challenging, trying to work out how to send a courier across London for three belts needed a shoot was hard enough, but it was worth it. This was a great opportunity, and i learnt allot about the process of fashion in a very sophisticated fashion department.

Thank you to the little lady who helped me when i got lost, you actually saved my life. Oh, and never go to Tower Hill, theres nothing there. Zilch. I hope this proved a not too boring post ;)

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