Friday, May 14, 2010

Kate Moss SS10 preview

Its all in the title, Kate Moss' Spring Summer 2010 Collection Preview.

First things first:

- i'm quite 'closed' mind when it comes to style, i have my own set likes/dislikes and Kate Moss is noway near a style icon to me.

- i think most of the range is over priced, however there are one or two pieces i have liked from each collection - that i have certainly regretted not buying.

- if your ummming and arrhhhing over a piece in the collection, biding its not a sell out showstopper, chances are if you wait till the end of season sale it will be reduced, trust me.

i need this in my life now. i have never wanted a Kate Moss item so much until i saw this. its nude, it has long arms, its floral, it makes my bust look bigger, its a tea dress!

great cut and material, although i can probably find just as better (and cheaper) in Zara. very Kate Moss though.
i don't ever wear jeans, so these are a no for me. however, i can appreciate a good pair of jeans and although the flare is kind of retro 70's, i think they look a tad crap quality material wise.
i think this top is cute basic for summer, i would have to see the price before i could comment further.
bit weird for me, looks a bit batwingish/ghost cape for my liking.

bit too much WAG at the South African World Cup for me.

cute floral tea dress, nothing special.

no comment. snigger.
i kind of like this, golden tan + sandals + long wavy curls = yes please.

i don't understand where this dress is going tbh.

Those are my blunt-ish, honest first thoughts. Dare you to disagree?

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