Sunday, May 30, 2010

'If I could find a real-life place that'd make me feel like Tiffany's'

I'm quite precise when it comes to jewellery. I don't have many pieces, but the bits i do have mean something to me. I have one particular friend who has hundreds of bits and pieces tucked away, gems here there and every where. There's never a day, i don't see her without a vintage inspired cocktail ring or a lovely gold charmed necklace. I admire each piece she wears, wishing i had the time to compliment each outfit with a pretty charmed necklace or cute studs. The few pieces i do have though, i wear constantly, although they may be pricey i have received them as a gift, in which makes the piece so much more enjoyable to wear! Here are few pieces that i love..

Return to Tiffanys Pendant Necklace - Tiffany

This was a gift from my parents around three years ago, it's quite small but thats what i love about it. It's not in your face, not too chunky or tacky - just right.

Silver Studs - Tiffany

I have not removed these cute studs since christmas, i live in studs. These silver balled studs were bought for me from my boy, they are uber shiny and quite large in size.

Silver Balled Bracelet - Tiffany

For my 18th birthday, i received a Tiffany voucher from my closet friends. This was an amazinnnng present, and after thinking long and hard i chose this bracelet (they match the earrings above). I cannot describe how shiny the silver is! It compliments anything i wear. Its completely understated, i think i love it more because it doesn't scream Tiffany. The sales assistant removed a few 'balls' ;) so that the bracelet is the perfect size. I adore this!

Pearl Silver Ring - Monsoon

This is one of my favourite rings ever. I love pearls and this ring is an entirely different way to wear them! This ring was a complete bargain, around the £10 mark, the silver has stayed in perfect condition. I love wearing this ring, my boy bought me the matching necklace but it's not as special as the ring!

Blue Topaz Ring set with Amethyst Shoulders - SWAG

This is an eye catcher! I wear this ring every single day, and it catches people eye all the time. I love that its a cocktail ring, with such a real sparkler Topaz! My style is quite classic but this ring breaks the rules, its large and sparkling in your face. You love it or hate it. My parents bought me this last year with some inheritance money, i will for ever love this and i will always, always treasure it.

i love collecting and building up my jewellery collection.

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