Thursday, February 25, 2010

Answering a Reader Question #66

Sojah Wrote:

I was chosen as a model for a Pgh fashion show and would like to know where I can purchase a quality photo portfolio for my tearsheets?

Hey, Sojah! Congrats on getting booked for the fashion show...I hope you rock it and have a great time! As far as finding a portfolio case for your tearsheets, you may be surprised (and relieved) to know that you do not have to spend a small fortune on this product. Your portfolio case should be very simple. This type of product can be found in any office supply store (Office Depot, Office Max,etc.) or arts and crafts store (Michael's, Aaron Brothers, etc.). The portfolio case you choose should be all black, with no logos, designs or images on it. It doesn't matter whether it is the floppy kind that zips closed or if it is the kind that resembles a binder. So that part is up to your personal preference. I find that portfolio cases with pocket sleeves on the inside are great for holding business cards, comp cards and headshot as well as your tearsheets and other modeling images.

Price wise you don't have to spend more than $25-$ can probably find portfolio cases for even less depending on where you shop. I personally recommend shopping for your portfolio case at an art supply store.

Here are some examples of portfolio cases you can purchase:

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