Monday, February 15, 2010

Answering a Reader Question #64

Anonymous Wrote: 
I'm 5'10" and kind of skinny. I have a 28 waist, 39 hips, and 37 chest and I'm barely 15. Would I have a good chance of being a Victoria's Secret model?
Hello, Anonymous, and thanks for the question. VS models have to be at least 18 years of age or older so you still have a while before you can pursue this goal. Your height is perfect, however your measurements are larger than what the ideal requirements call for. Even though most VS models have curves and are more voluptuous than runway models, they must still meet the strict measurements that fashion and runway models do. VS models are represented by top modeling agencies, including Elite and Ford. Because of this you will only be considered if you fall within the following measurements:

34 (bust) - 24 (waist) - 34 (hips)...and that's in inches. 
You can be smaller but no larger than one inch in any of these areas (of course many of the VS models have larger busts, which is fine). There are undoubtedly some exceptions to this rule but the majority of VS models still possess these measurements. That being said, in your case you would have to lose at least 3-4 inches off of your waist and 4-5 inches off of your hips. You're still young so you have time to think about whether this is a goal you want to pursue. But at your current measurements you aren't quite there yet.

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