Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Answering a Reader Question #62

Anonymous Wrote:

I have a question-i have been faithfully reading your blog for quite some time and am a big fan. I know previously you had wrote that when you modeled for certain companies you listed you wouldnt do nude, fur, cigarettes and something else i cant quite remember. If you wont do fur, then why is it that you will model with leather? this question is in no way meant to discredit you or look down on your previous decision to model leather accessories (i know the blog is older, i am just now catching up on your older posts that i missed)i was just wondering what stance you have on the connection between the 2. I know some wont model fur because of animal rights and also the use of fur of the dwindling existence of a certain species. If you indeed wont wear fur because of animal rights-then what is the difference between that and leather? I look forward to your response and thanks! 

Hey, Anonymous! Thank for this question...it was very thought provoking--so much so that I actually had to think about it for a while. =)

To be honest, when I think of leather in general, the last thing I think of is the fact that it comes from an animal--seriously! So when I read your question, I was stuck for a minute. I'm actually glad for your post comment because it did get me to thinking. I wouldn't wear/model fur (faux fur I feel is acceptable) because I do not like the fact that the animals are killed solely for the purpose of making the coats. However, I did some research online and saw that many of the animals that are being used to make leather products these days are animals that are also consumed regularly by humans or are at least edible for human consumption (cows, deer, buffalo, etc) and do not necessarily come from species that are endangered or face a dwindling existence. In that sense, I do not believe that it falls under the same category of animal cruelty as killing a chinchilla, fox or mink. I also read that many of today's leather products are being made from cows, including handbags, which I did not know and found really interesting. So I guess it would matter to me where the leather comes from and how it is obtained before I would decide whether to model it or not.

Unfortunately, that particular leather accessories shoot ended up not coming to fruition but because of your comment, I have a new outlook on the whole fur/leather modeling situation. Again, great question and thank you for asking it!

***As I stated in my previous "Answering a Reader Question" post, my opinion is my own and I am not interested in debating ethics or moral beliefs. I do not press my beliefs on anyone and respect everyone's right to an opinion and all I ask is that you do the same. Thanks!***

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