Monday, December 28, 2009

Poll Results: What Now?

I know I have two more days left on the poll that I put up but I wanted to post this before I forget. Again, I want to say thank you to everyone that answered. It is amazing to have readers from virtually every part of the globe! Originally, the poll was created to help me get a better idea of where my reader "hot spots" were. Because I plan to travel more and set up meet and greets, knowing where my readers were would help me decide what places to visit.

After the poll has expired I will record the results and delete it. If you haven't had a chance to cast your vote it's was more for research so don't worry. I've got a pretty good idea of where everyone is so more than likely your area has been represented.

BTW: If you want to set up a meet and greet with me, shoot me an email: The meet and greet would basically consist of me sitting down and getting to know you, my readers (in a public place during the day of course). I will be available to answer questions from you directly, provide advice and basically give you a chance to know me face-to-face. I'll have my portfolio and headshots on hand so that you can see what it looks like as well as handouts with information that you can take home with you to help you get started.

No fees involved at this point so don't worry about that. Of course the more people you can get to attend the meet and greet, the more likely that I will be able to arrange it--as much as I don't mind if the number of people that show up is 3 or 30, it wouldn't be very practical for me to travel if hardly anyone shows up. We've got a whole new year coming up and hopefully among my experiences, it will include meeting you!

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