Sunday, August 9, 2009

Addressing a Reader Comment #1

Anonymous Wrote:

Wait a minute, Mark Wahlberg is only 5'8(173cm)that's quite short compared to others yet he was the face of CK underwear and dubbed as the hottest hunk alive. Height is not really a problem. Same thing goes for Swedish soccer star,Frederik Ljunberg who's stood proudly with the height 176cm and chosen again by CK to be their boxers model. I give full credit and appreciation to Calvin Klein who proved to be fair and square by not just looking at their height but also charm and confidence.

Anonymous, I get what you are saying but Mark Wahlberg and the other man you mentioned do not count because they did not start off their careers as male models. The only reason they became chosen for CK is because of their "celebrity" status. Mark Wahlberg started as a rapper and then an actor around the time he was chosen for the CK underwear ads. Athletes like Frederik Ljunberg also get chosen because of their celebrity status related to their actual careers.

I highly doubt that if they were regular guys with no celebrity attached, that they would be considered as male models by any high profile modeling agency or client. Clients like CK are just like any other company--they know that celeb faces and bodies sell and therefore they are able to introduce those individuals to the modeling world and it is accepted. Their charm and confidence wasn't what CK was looking for in their underwear models but who could sell the most and make them the most money based on their status and fanbase.

Ashton Kutcher on the other hand, started out as a runway model and then became successful as an actor and celebrity--BUT this example doesn't even work because he is 6'2" and a half, meeting the right requirements for male fashion models. If he were Mark Whalberg's height and tried to get in, they wouldn't look twice just because of the height issue.

Unfortunately, for many aspiring models height is a huge problem and it affects men just as equally as it affects women.

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